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Medicas UIS Magazine http://www.medicasuis.org/contenido/  is the official scientific media of the Industrial University of Santander ´health Faculty. It has by mission state the periodical report of local, national and international research results and literary production regarding health sciences. The magazine readers are students and professionals such us physiotherapists, bacteriologists, nurses, doctors, nutritionists, dentists, veterinarians, health administrators, psychologists, researchers in basic, clinical, and other areas.

Authors opinion are their exclusive responsibility and don´t represent in any case UIS magazine or University´s outlook

Please precise if you prefer poster or oral presentation and don´t forget to complete the publish consent form.

In clinical cases we require the support of the academic unit or institution where the work was performed.

Names of Authors (Speaker underlined) in 12 pt with only Initials in Capitals (Last name First name initial, Last name First name initial)
Institutional affiliation of each author
Work responsible e-mail address
Key words: 3-6 words eScrip, 12pt

Abstract text:
The abstract should give the essential features of the presentation to the participants and future readers, and should contain 250-300 words. Please follow these guidelines as closely as possible. The document should be in a one-column format and justified. You can use only one page for each lecture or poster abstract. Please subdivide your abstract as following:

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Results and discussions: In this section, you can include tables or figures
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Funding resources
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The size of the abstract must not exceed one page.

Abstract submission
All abstracts must be submitted electronically as a Word documentthrough slamtb2012@uis.edu.co
The file should have a maximum of 2 MB
The abstract (if accepted) will be printed without modification
Deadline: June 30th 2012
The submitted abstract will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee of the VI SLAMTB Meeting 2012

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